How much does eye surgery really cost?

13 July 2023

Author: Sean Andah

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When considering laser eye surgery or lens surgery, many individuals are hesitant due to concerns about the financial cost. At Ultralase, we understand the importance of clear vision and aim to address these concerns by providing transparent pricing with no hidden costs.


Fixed Prices, Regardless of Prescription

At Ultralase Clinics, we believe in offering complete transparency when it comes to pricing. Our prices are fixed, regardless of your prescription or the complexity of your case. You can rest assured that the price you see is the price you pay. As a first-time patient, you can take advantage of a free consultation, which can be secured with a deposit that is either returned to you or deducted from your final treatment price. We also offer 0% payment plans, subject to credit approval, to make the cost more manageable for our patients.


Comparing Costs

Many individuals consider contact lenses as a cheaper alternative to laser eye surgery. However, when you analyse the long-term costs, the difference becomes less significant. On average, contact lens wearers spend approximately £27 per month on lenses, totaling almost £330 per year. Additionally, contact lens appointments twice a year cost around £50 annually. Contact lens solutions add an extra monthly expense of around £5, while glasses cost, on average, £300 per pair of frames every two years. When you add up all these expenses, the yearly average cost of contact lenses and glasses comes to approximately £590. In contrast, laser eye surgery at Ultralase, with a combined cost of £3,590 for both eyes, begins to provide financial benefits after approximately six years. With our lifetime aftercare guarantee, you're making a wise long-term investment in your eyesight.


Flexible Payment Options

At Ultralase Clinics, we understand that the cost of laser eye surgery or lens treatment can be a significant factor in the decision-making process. To make the procedure more accessible, we offer flexible payment options. For both LASIK and LASEK treatments, the cost is £1,795 per eye. If you choose to spread the payment over 36 months, it would amount to approximately £49.86 per month. This cost is comparable to the monthly expenses incurred with contact lenses, which are often seen as a temporary eyesight solution. If you decide to treat both eyes, we can even offer payment spread over 48 months at 0% interest.


Long-Term Financial Benefits

Over the course of your lifetime, undergoing laser eye surgery or lens treatment at Ultralase is likely to save you money compared to the ongoing expenses of contact lenses or glasses. You won't have to worry about the inconvenience of losing your glasses or dealing with contact lenses and lens solution anymore. If the financial aspect is causing hesitation, we encourage you to attend a free consultation at Ultralase. Our experienced patient advisors will guide you through the accessible payment options, helping you realise that the cost of treatment is not significantly different from your current temporary vision expenses.


At Ultralase, we prioritise transparency and aim to debunk common myths surrounding the cost of laser eye surgery and lens treatment. By offering fixed prices, flexible payment options, and emphasising the long-term financial benefits, we strive to make laser eye surgery an accessible and sensible investment in your eyesight. If you're considering vision correction, take the first step by attending a free consultation at Ultralase and discover the possibilities that lie ahead for your vision and financial well-being.


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