YAG Laser Treatment

In some cases following lens replacement surgery (IOL) treatment, there is a small chance of the lens capsule clouding or thickening. When it thickens, it may obstruct your sight, making your vision hazy, but this side-effect can be easily treated. Our YAG laser capsulotomy procedure can repair this and restore the high-quality vision you once had following your initial surgery.

YAG treatment

What is YAG laser treatment?

  • A YAG capsulotomy is a special laser treatment used to eliminate the cloudiness in the lens. 
  • The process will begin with the surgeon applying dilation drops before the procedure takes place. 
  • Once the drops have taken effect, the surgeon will use the YAG laser capsulotomy to create an opening in the centre of the lens capsule.
  • Here, the opening will allow a clear passage of light to travel through your eye. Generally, the results are immediate, and your vision will return to the standard it was when you first had surgery. However, due to the dilation drops, your vision may be a little blurry to begin with!
  • Because of this, make sure you have someone to accompany you to your treatment, as you will not be able to drive yourself home.

Is there any risk with YAG laser treatment?

The procedure is a straightforward and effective treatment, and it's extremely rare for serious complications to occur. However, as with any surgical procedure, there is a small degree of risk. The most common risk associated with YAG laser surgery is the potential for the rise of pressure within the eye. This is something that will be checked over approximately 20-30 minutes after you've completed the treatment.

At Ultralase, all our surgeons are Members and Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmology, and with their wealth of experience, it significantly reduces the risk associated with your YAG laser eye treatment. Once you and your surgeon decide that this is a path that will be best for you to correct your vision, be sure to prep all the questions and queries you may have so you are fully informed!  

How long does YAG surgery take?

The procedure itself will only take around five minutes to perform. Your surgeon will then examine your eyes again after 20 minutes to ensure that the pressure in your eyes has returned to normal. Due to the time to prepare for surgery and discussions you will have with the surgeon and patient advisor, it's best to plan to be in the clinic for a few hours.

How long does it take to recover from YAG laser?

It will usually take around 24 to 48 hours for you to recover and see the full results from the YAG treatment. The dilating drops will need this time to wear off, so your vision may still seem a little blurry after your procedure because of this. 

Can you drive after YAG laser treatment?

It's best to wait until your vision is fully restored before you get behind the wheel. The dilation drops can take up to 48 hours post-treatment to wear off, so we recommend not driving until your blurry vision has passed.

Can YAG laser be repeated?

Yes, YAG laser can be performed again. However, it would be extremely unlikely that this treatment would need to be carried out twice.

Can IOL be replaced after YAG?

It won't be possible to replace the IOL once the YAG treatment has been completed. This is because the procedure is quite complicated to perform. We wouldn't treat you if there was a high level of risk, and we believed you wouldn't get the results you desired.

How much does YAG treatment cost?

YAG Treatment
Surgeon Assessment - £60
Treatment Cost - £395