Wavefront laser eye surgery is our most popular treatment and is available with both our LASEK and LASIK laser eye treatments. As you may have seen on our 'Costs' page, it is not of any additional charge like many other UK providers. We feel that if this is a necessary part of your treatment to correct your vision, it will be added at the advice of your surgeon.

Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery

What is Wavefront eye surgery? 

At your consultation, a Wavefront scan is taken of the surface of your eye. This reveals, in minute detail, the true gradients of your cornea, as well as all of the blemishes and imperfections. These blemishes or imperfections can affect the way in which light refracts into your eye, causing your vision to be compromised.

With this scan, the laser is programmed to target the blemishes and correct your prescription during treatment, leaving you with a smoother, more refined cornea surface. As the scan acts as a map specifically taken from your eye, each Wavefront treatment is unique and tailored precisely to your eyes' requirements.

Is Wavefront LASIK the best? 

The reason why wavefront LASIK is considered to be the elite of its kind is because of its capability to tailor the laser to correct your vision precisely. The standard vision correction treatment can only correct 90% to 95% of your vision. This is due to the standard laser not being able to identify the tiny little bumps and blemishes that lay on the surface of your eye. 

The wavefront scan will be able to identify the true gradients of your cornea and incorporate its unique shape into your treatment. Meaning that LASIK wavefront will be able to correct the last 5% to 10% of your vision that the standard treatment could not.

How much does Wavefront LASIK cost? 

At Ultralase, our wavefront LASIK price is fixed at £1995 per eye, so you won't find any hidden fees on your journey to clear vision. Unlike other providers, we do not charge any additional cost for wavefront treatment. We feel that it is an important part of your treatment to correct your vision and will be added to your surgeon's advice.

Which surgery is best for eyesight?

We perform an incredibly thorough screening process to determine which treatment would best be suited for your needs. Every patient is unique when it comes to their eyes and vision, which is why we offer a variety of procedures to treat that uniqueness. You can find out more on our Am I Suitable page. We can confirm for definite what treatment would best correct your vision once you attend a free consultation, which you can book here.

Is Idesign the same as Wavefront?

Yes - Idesign and wavefront is the same treatment. The wavefront machine we use to identify the quality of your cornea is the NIDEK OPD.

If you have any more questions about our Wavefront procedure, our customer service team will be happy to help! Just call  0800 988 6390  or email enquiries@ultralase.com