Am I Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?

Before you go ahead and look into the costs associated with laser eye surgery, it’s important to consider other questions that might come up – you need to be completely certain that this is the right choice for you!

Am I Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?

At Ultralase, our screening process is incredibly thorough. We like to take the time to make sure you've been given a detailed explanation of every option available to you.

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What happens in a consultation?

From the moment you enter one of our clinics, you are given a range of questions to answer so that we can determine your options for treatment.


Pupillometry (measurement of your pupil and risk of glare), Pachymetry (Analysis of the dimensions of the cornea and the distance between the cornea and your eye lens) and Tonometry (measurement of the internal pressure of the eye).


Autorefraction (measurement of prescription), Wavefront diagnostic (Analysis of the terrain of your cornea, later programmed into the laser).


Refraction (re-checking of your prescription), Retinal exam (Dilation of the pupil to assess health of retinas), Visual acuity (vision checked near and far, with and without glasses), Slit lamp exam (Detection of eye disease with a microscope and narrow light).

We work with an incredible group of optometrists in our clinics, who are dedicated to ensuring a fully accurate screening.

You will more than likely be suitable if you are healthy, have relatively healthy eyes and you can see with your prescription glasses/contact lenses. However with that being said, there are a couple of parameters if you’re considering laser eye surgery, concerning your prescription (learn more about your prescription here)

Everyone is different, and we totally appreciate that, which is why we want the best outcome for you.

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