Why should you get laser eye surgery in 2022?

06 January 2022

Author: Melody Solaimaninajad

New Year's Resolution

Start the year off right and ditch those glasses!


As the new year has begun, many people are now trying to commit to their New Year’s resolutions to kick their bad habits or try out something new. Some people may be committed to taking part in Dry January to reduce their drinking, or taking up exercise as part of a healthier lifestyle. The new year is the perfect time for us to reflect on all we’ve achieved in 2021, and all the things we are still yet to achieve! If you’re fed up with wearing glasses or contact lenses, laser eye surgery could be the ideal resolution for you. Laser eye surgery can enhance your quality of life in 2022, helping you achieve the clear vision you’ve always wanted!


What is laser eye surgery?


Laser eye surgery is a vision correction treatment that removes the prescription you require from your corrective lenses, using high-tech bladeless technology to reshape your cornea. At Ultralase, we offer both LASIK and LASEK treatments which can treat short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Laser eye surgery is one of the safest procedures carried out in the UK, with over 99% of our laser patients having achieved driving standard vision or better following their treatment.


LASIK treatment is the most popular type of laser eye surgery, as it has a quicker recovery time and often instant results. The healing process after LASIK treatment is much shorter in comparison to LASEK treatment, as LASIK surgery involves creating a small flap in the cornea which is lifted and then replaced. This means there is no need for the epithelial cells to regrow in the cornea, as it does after LASEK treatment.


If you have a high prescription, thin corneas or take part in active contact sports, LASEK surgery may be more suitable for you. This is due to the way the epithelium (the outer surface of your eye) is removed during LASEK, which differs from LASIK. As LASEK surgery lasers the surface underneath the epithelium, the cells will naturally grow back during the healing process. Unlike LASIK surgery, there is no flap created, meaning there is no risk of the flap lifting during contact sports – although this is a rare complication. During your consultation with us, your optometrist will discuss and recommend the best treatment option for you, based on your suitability and lifestyle.


What are the benefits of laser eye surgery?


One of the main benefits of having laser eye surgery is the life-changing freedom it can provide from glasses and contact lenses. In addition to the key benefit behind vision correction treatment, there are other common reasons people have laser eye surgery – some of which you may not have thought of!


For many of our patients, one of the biggest inconveniences of wearing glasses or contact lenses is how they often interfere with daily activities. It can be difficult to participate in sports without suffering from blurry vision, or the risk of contact lens infection from swimming. The risk of eye irritation and infection from contact lenses could be avoided with laser eye surgery as a longer-term solution. The cost of prescription glasses, contact lenses and lens solutions can also build up over time. Laser eye surgery can be a much more affordable solution in comparison to this lifetime spend. Contact lenses are also known to contribute to the plastic pollution in our oceans, causing serious harm to our planet – vision correction treatments are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Why should you choose Ultralase for laser eye surgery?


At Ultralase, we recognise that laser eye surgery is a big investment to make, with many factors to take into consideration such as the cost, any risks, and the recovery process. Over 98% of our patients are satisfied with the results of their treatment, and you can read some of our patient reviews here. Some of the reasons why Ultralase is the perfect choice for vision correction include:


  • Clinic Locations: Ultralase has 20 clinics across the UK, so you’re never too far away from one of our clinics whether you’re up north in Glasgow or down south in Southampton. You can find out which clinic is closest to you here.
  • Finance Options: At just £1,995 per eye, laser eye surgery at Ultralase is a much more affordable option than other visual aids available, such as long-term contact lens use. It’s also possible to pay for your treatment on finance to help spread the cost.
  • Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee: We believe that our relationship with our patients is not over after treatment day. This is why we provide a Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee for laser eye surgery, so you can receive free additional treatment or care if deemed necessary by your optometrist.
  • Experience: As part of the Eye Hospitals Group, we have performed over 700,000 procedures, so you can rest assured that you are in safe and experienced hands with our surgeons. All of our surgeons are trained to NHS consultant level, and they are also members of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.



If you’re looking for a fresh start in 2022 and are dreaming of the day you can throw your glasses or contact lenses away, get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help. Laser eye surgery can help you achieve the clear vision you’ve always desired – what better time to achieve it than in the new year? Click here to book your free consultation with us. Alternatively, you can ring our Customer Services team on 0800 988 6390, or email us at enquiries@ultralase.com.

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