Top tips to effectively protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays

22 June 2023

Author: Anita Arena

protecting in the sun

The arrival of summer brings a radiant sun that illuminates and warms up our days. However, amidst our delight, we mustn't overlook the potential harm it poses to our vision.


Extended exposure to sunlight can give rise to a myriad of ocular afflictions, ranging from insidious cataracts to debilitating macular degeneration, and in severe cases, even culminating in irreversible vision loss. Fear not, for by embracing simple yet efficacious strategies, you can protect your eyes from the perils of the sun's rays while revealing in the great outdoors. Let us embark upon a journey through invaluable tips that illuminate the path to safeguarding your ocular well-being.


First and foremost, donning UV-protective sunglasses assumes paramount importance. Channel your resources into acquiring top-tier sunglasses that boast the ability to thwart 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. Seek out those adorned with the accolade of "100% UV protection" or the prestigious UV400 designation. Opt for larger frames and embrace the allure of wraparound styles.


As sunglasses shield your windows to the soul, augment their prowess by adorning your crown with wide-brimmed hats. These fashionable headpieces serve as stalwart guardians, affording substantial protection to your eyes. In order to optimally shield yourself from the sun's aerial assault, select a hat boasting a brim measuring no less than three inches.


During the peak hours of solar supremacy, typically nestled between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., seek solace in the embrace of shade. By diligently veering towards shaded realms during these zenith moments of solar radiance, you shall effectively curtail direct exposure to the pernicious UV rays, thus reducing potential harm to your precious peepers.


For those who partake in the wondrous world of contact lenses, fortify your ocular defences by opting for lenses equipped with built-in UV protection. While these lenses may not enshroud the entirety of your eyes, they nonetheless manifest as an additional bastion of defence against the ravages of UV radiation.


In the realm of hydration lies a hidden secret to ocular vitality. Nourish your body with ample hydration, for this fluid sustenance fuels your eyes' equilibrium and vitality. Imbibe copious amounts of water to stave off the ignominy of ocular dryness, ensuring your eyes remain exquisitely moisturized, thereby mitigating the discomfort and vexation engendered by sun exposure.


Outdoor pursuits beckon us with their irresistible allure, enticing us to immerse ourselves in their exhilarating embrace. However, let us not forget to arm ourselves with appropriate eye protection when indulging in these activities. Be it swimming, cycling, or engaging in sports of diverse nature, equip yourself with suitable ocular fortification in the form of goggles or sport-specific sunglasses.


Lastly, let us not forsake the importance of regular eye examinations. Schedule regular and comprehensive eye exams with eye care professionals. 

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