Take care of your eyes this Halloween

25 October 2022

Author: Ada Yang

Halloween eye health

Halloween is just around the corner and this is the time of year everyone where celebrates. You might be planning your costume in advance to be ready for Halloween day. Your costume may involve a lot of coloured make up to match your outfit; you could also be wearing coloured contact lenses. These coloured lenses can affect your vision and eye health, so it is crucial that you take care when using them. When you are putting an outfit together it is important to be aware of your outfit touching your eyes, minimising your chance of eye infections. To be safe this Halloween we suggest some tips below to keep your eyes protected and healthy.


Beware of coloured contact lenses

We know you all love your Halloween make up with special contact lenses as it can definitely enhance your look by changing the colour your eyes to match the Halloween outfit you go for. If you don’t insert your contact lenses properly or clean then thoroughly, this can cause damage to the eyes. In severe cases, this can result in vision loss.

If you are looking to wear coloured contact lenses, we suggest you to seek advice from an eye care specialist to determine if you are suitable to wear lenses and whether you need a prescription with them. We also suggest that you always remove your contact lenses before you sleep otherwise this can cause an infection You can wear contact lenses everyday but it does depend on how long you have them In your eyes each day. You are supposed to only wear them for 10 to 12 hours a day maximum depending on your eye health. For example if you have dry eyes, you will have to take them out sooner. Also as you are wearing coloured contact lenses you do not realise there is dye on the lenses therefore this does not allow your eyes to be able to breathe very well so you cannot wear them the same way as you do with the normal contact lenses.


Avoid getting eye make-up in your eyes

Make up is huge when it comes to Halloween, with many people applying make-up as it goes well with their costumes. Of course, there are precautions you should take while applying cosmetics near your eyes.

You should carefully choose the make-up you want to use as you don’t know what ingredients are inside which you may be allergic to. Some makeup also contains metallic pigments that may affect your eyes by irritation. It is recommended that you take a test patch beforehand by applying it to a small area on your skin, as this would alert you for any reactions you may have with the makeup.

You may also use face paint as an alternative to a mask but you need to make sure to keep the paint away from your eyes. Also be aware of when you’re applying the paint as you may be using sharp pointed brush that can scratch your eye. You should never share cosmetics with anyone else like your friends or family to avoid cross contamination.


Avoid costumes that obstruct your vision

Does your outfit for Halloween involve masks or heavy lashes? If you are using either of those you may want to do a costume test run to make sure you can get into your outfit easily to avoid obstruction to your vision.

If you are driving to places in your Halloween costume, you want to avoid wearing anything large or wigs that may obstruct your vision. If you are wearing contact lenses make sure you can see clearly while wearing them otherwise it is dangerous to drive on the road.


Avoid carrying sharp props

When wearing certain costumes you should be aware of props such as swords, hooks or wands as they are sharp and can cause an injury easily. Especially when you have children it is more dangerous for them. If you have children, make sure their costume fits them and does not dragon the ground so it prevents them from tripping to the ground.

You should also avoid carrying spray cans as the chemicals inside the product can be very dangerous to the eyes and can lead to eye injuries. You will also be in pain when you get sprays onto your eyes. 


Remove your make up properly

After a fun night out it is very easy to forget to take your make up off especially after a long day, but keeping your make up on overnight can cause irritation. It is also not good for your skin therefore you need to wash your make up off thoroughly before you head to sleep. You should also remove your contact lenses with clean hands to minimise risk of infection.

If you don’t take off your make up and you wear mascara to sleep, it leads to concretion which creates solid masses that form underneath the eyelids. This can lead to eye pain and irritation and if it is left untreated this can lead to blindness.


Skip the eye glitter

We know glitter make up is very popular during Halloween people often like to apply it as an eye shadow to make them stand out and look good. If you are using sparkly and metallic make up, you should be cautious with it. Parts of the glitter can fall into your eyes and cause irritation; especially if you are wearing contact lenses it will be more intense.

 It is highly recommended to use cosmetics glitter compared to craft glitter because craft glitter is harmful to eyes and not suitable to use on skin. Craft glitter is comprised of larger fragments which mean rough cuts can occur on the skin around your eyes. 

To remove glitter make up from your eyes, you should gently clean it off your eyelids with a cotton swab, but make sure your eyes are closed as you wipe away the cosmetics to avoid any glitter falling into your eyes.


Protect your eye health this Halloween by minimising your use of contact lenses. Visit us for a FREE consultation to find out if you’re suitable for laser eye surgery.

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