See our patients’ point of view, and see how it could be you too.

Find out how Ultralase Eye Clinics Limited has helped some of patients in their journey to clear vision.

Ultralase - Ruby Bhogal : Baker

Meet Ruby, one of 2018’s Great British Bake Off finalist. She told us she always had trouble with her distance vision, with a prescription of -2.75

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Tony Slater : Retired

Meet our patient Tony, a running enthusiast whose poor vision was starting to interfere with his morning runs. Lens surgery was the answer.

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Rowan Cheshire : Winter Olympian

Rowan, a Winter Olympics freestyle skier, found that glasses and contact lenses under her ski goggles were inconvenient. Enter life-changing LASIK!

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Ian : Retired

Ian, struggling with his distance vision, opted for multifocal lens treatment. This helped him combat his sight problems and restored youthful vision.

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